About Us

DavyCH is one of the leading manufactuers and suppliers of uncoated and coated Calcium Carbonate Powder in Cambodia.

As our strategy which is that “customer satisfaction is the success of DavyCH”, our company is always focusing on customer’s benefit, sustainable and long-term business values. By our reputation, DavyCH has built up many strategic business relationships with our partners in Cambodia and in other countries such as Vietnam, Korea, India, Bangladesh, China…

DavyCH always promotes our advantages to provide customers with high quality products at attractive prices. DavyCH is a sister concern of Son Nam, Vietnam which has been licensed to exploit high quality pure marble quarry in Nghe An. Hence ensuring the quality of super fine white powder, abundant supply and reducing costs for any customer’s order. Pure raw material is manufactured in a closed chain of German technology to ensure product quality and minimizing costs.

DavyCH is committed to provide products that meet the quality requirements of customers, to ensure abundant supply and attractive prices.                                                                                  

Our Transportation Policies

The transportation policy of DavyCH is specified clearly in each Quotation and Contract. DavyCH is committed to implementing professional transport policy in order to save time, money and creat convenience for customers.

DavyCH always meet the requirements of domestic and international customers for the delivery of super fine white Calcium Carbonate Powder. DavyCH is committed to providing customers an optimal solution for fowarding and logistics at the lowest cost and the shortest time.

All information about the shipment schedule will be informed to customers before the goods leave the factory. During transportation period, DavyCH will regularly update the status about location of the shipment and estimated arriving time. Right before and after the goods are at the destination, customers will be notified exactly and details status of goods.

In the event of a delay in delivery due to force majeure, DavyCH will not be responsible for any problems arising from late delivery. In this case, DavyCH will promptly notify customers in order to both sides to choose the appropriate direction.


With the public price policy listed through quotation, DavyCH commits to bring high quality products at competitive prices and many attractive benefits to customers. DavyCH owns raw material areas, so can control the cheap and high quality source of raw materials. On the other hand, the raw material is processed in the mordern system by experienced staff who can minimize effectively the costs and constantly improve productivity. This is a basis for DavyCH to ensure high quality powder products to sell to customers with the most attractive price. In case the customer informs DavyCH about the price issue, we will seriously absorb to firmly ensure that customers will always have the most competive price with the same product, with the same quality and with the same conditions when customers do business with DavyCH.

Discount Policy
For partners with large orders and partners with regular orders, DavyCH is pleased to discount you an attractive level to ensure you have advantages and benefits in large and frequent orders.

Confidence Policy
DavyCH provides only high quality products that fully meet the requirements of the customers.



Sale Networks

DavyCH is a manufacturer and supplier of wide variety and high quality fine white Calcium Carbonate Powder. Products range include uncoated powder and coated with stearic acid. The powder has high quality and stable particle size from D97 = 5μm and bigger. We can positively select the size of powder as customer’s requirement by Ultra Fine Air Classifier system. With a high quality such as CaCO3 > 97%, pure whiteness > 96% and high brightness > 95%, Son Nam’s products meet technical standards and are widely used in Industries: paint production, construction industry, plastic beads production, paper, rubber, ceramics, artificial stone production and so on.

With the prestige, quality and attractive price, super fine white powder of DavyCH has been trusted to use by many domestic and foreign partners (such as India, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan, China).

With the strategy of expanding domestic and international markets, DavyCH always welcomes and is willing to establish stable business relations with partners to bring great benefits to both sides.


About products, DavyCH is committed to quality and productivity because of the ownership of pure marble quarries. To diversify the choice of different quality of raw materials and ensure the supply of raw materials, DavyCH advocates of expanding the competitive raw material area. Beside, DavyCH is always orienting to improve the existing technology lines by experienced engineers and using the most advanced technology in the world to raise the quality of stone powder and labor productivity.

About prices, DavyCH has the advantage of offering attractive prices to customers because DavyCH can control source of raw materials. DavyCH aims to continually expand the area of ​​competitive owned materials. Regardless of the suppliers of raw material, DavyCH assures customers on the stability of prices under difficult conditions.

About promotion, the long-term orientation of DavyCH is to strongly promote DavyCH’s image in the international market by traditional and non-traditional means.

About people, DavyCH focus on development and training to improve the level of workforce; ensuring that customer satisfaction is the success of DavyCH; sharing benefits with partners, shareholders and employees.

About professionalization, we create improvement and standardization of production processes to ensure the flow of information, commodity flows and financial flows.

About of philosophy and culture, DavyCH’s production and business philosophy towards the interests of partners, bring satisfaction to customers. Beside, DavyCH is always interested in building the environment and culture as a only professional team where all individuals have tight interests, opportunities to raise high capacity and benefits for fair development.