To exploit and produce optimally high-quality raw materials, Son Nam designed 03 closed production lines according to the most modern German technology. At the heart of the system, Son Nam applies ultra-fine ball mill technology and separation technology that can adjust the particle size as required. High quality products after crushing are bagged by automatic technology according to customer requirements.

The entire production line is controlled automatically at the control room with experienced human resources to improve the productivity of the whole system. This is the basis for Son Nam to save costs for customers and ensure the delivery schedule.


Superfine white stone powder quality and a central element of Son Nam’s commitment to customers. Finished white stone powder is quality controlled by automatic electronic system, and at the same time, Son Nam always proactively takes samples of stone powder daily to check quality at a laboratory with full modern equipment. according to international standards: UK MALVERN 3000E laser particle size analyzer, MINOTA CR-410 whiteness meter. For each shipment, before the goods are delivered to the customer, white stone powder is re-checked to ensure that the delivered stone powder product meets the customer’s requirements.

Stone Powder Products are applied in many industries

Application in Paint industry

Son Nam white stone powder is an important substitute material in the paint industry.

40% Water-based paint, oil paint (Other additives: Water-based resin, kaolin..)

60% Wall putty (the rest are other additives: Cement…)

Application in other paints: wood paint, epoxy paint, ship paint, electrostatic paint, PU paint, industrial paint, imitation stone paint, aromatic paint, waterproof paint, …

– Specifications: whiteness and purity.

– The effect of stone powder: stone powder replaces expensive materials to help reduce paint production costs, increase the brightness and glossiness of the paint, and help the paint to disperse colors better.

Application in the plastic pellet industry

Stone powder is used to replace expensive plastics without negatively affecting the mechanical strength of plastics in the plastic pellet industry.

30% weight (PVC, uPVC, PP, HDPE..)

80% Plastic additive (Taical Calciumcarbonate FECC3070)

– Technical requirements: whiteness and grain size

– Effect: save cost, reduce white dye, increase hardness and gloss for surface, increase heat resistance of plastic

Applications in the paper industry

Stone powder is a popular raw material additive in the paper industry

20% structure in the paper industry of all kinds: Ford, Coshce, Briston, Duplex, Ivory, metallic paper, …

– Requirements: whiteness, grain size

– Effects: reduce costs by replacing materials, improve optical properties of paper, provide precise coating structures for interaction with ink during printing, increase paper whiteness.


Son Nam has been licensed to exploit raw stone quarries in Tan Hop, Tan Ky, Nghe An. This is one of the largest source of pure raw materials in Vietnam.

With an area of ​​23 hectares, the quarry in Tan Ky has reserves of over 26 million tons, providing Son Nam with an abundant and stable source of raw materials. The raw material area of ​​Son Nam has high quality and uniformity with CaCO3 content > 98%, whiteness > 97% to meet the needs of industries.

With the advantage of owning the raw material area, Son Nam is proud to assure customers of high and stable quality of ultra-fine white stone powder products and proactively control the required output level in the long term. At the same time, owning a competitive raw material area facilitates Son Nam to reduce input costs and provide customers with attractive prices.